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Welcome to Kitten Vintage!

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Welcome to Kitten Vintage Mackay, and our new blog and website! I’m so glad you’ve come for a visit.

If you love vintage and antiques, like I do, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m all about buying, selling and decorating with anything old, beautiful and useful. Well, sometimes the items aren’t beautiful to others (especially my kids) but usually when I’m done with them they look pretty good!

Let me introduce myself:

I’m Deb. I live in sunny Mackay, in Queensland, Australia, right near the Great Barrier Reef. I’m originally from Melbourne, where I studied interior design and developed my love of old homes and furniture. I also love nature, walking my dogs on the beach, cuddling up with a good (historical fiction) book, a cup of tea and my cats.

I also love vintage! I’m the original greenie who started buying vintage because it was better for the environment, and cheaper than buying new... Handy when you are a student or a mum to five kids! I love that vintage is eco-friendly. I love that it’s different. I love that it can be inexpensive but it can also be an investment. I love that it has history and there is often a story behind it. And I love reading, researching and finding out more about different styles and makers, and providing that information to my customers to help them when buying and/or deciding to sell a vintage or antique piece.

Why me?

What qualifies me to write about this stuff? We’ll I don’t have a degree in antique dealing, but I’ve been buying vintage and antiques for over thirty years, and selling for nearly twenty-five. I’ve worked in antique shops in country Victoria and Mackay, sold on eBay and on Etsy, and have had my own shop in Mackay for over a year. I studied interior design, art history and painted finish techniques over twenty-five years ago, and have a personal library of books and magazines that have helped me build a strong knowledge base. And I just LOVE History and researching.

Over the years, I’ve developed some expertise in the fields of Depression Glass and Art Deco, but honestly, I’m more of a jack-of-all-trades dealer who sells to the “average” person. I’m not a true junk dealer, and I’m not a high-end dealer... I’m not an expert but I know a lot... And I love to keep on learning!

My Vintage Shop

I decorate my home with many of my vintage finds. Other finds end up in my shop, Kitten Vintage Mackay. Sometimes they swap for while! If you’ve been into the shop you know it changes all the time, sometimes daily. The shop doesn’t have a style, like French provincial or country chic... It’s eclectic. Like me. Some days I dress in 50’s inspired dresses and others in daggy painting clothes, while really, I’m dreaming of living in the 30’s and wearing a smart suit...if you can’t make it into the shop you can keep up by following my photos on Instagram (they are the bottom of the Website too).

The Blog

Here on the blog I will share my passion for all kinds of vintage and antique. Each week I will showcase an object I have in the shop or one that a customer is looking for more information on, and share what I know, what I’ve found out and sometimes I’ll give a link to a website that I have found particularly helpful. If I get stuck I’ll ask for help from you...as a shop owner I’m always learning new things about collecting from my customers! And if you have a piece you want more info on, let me know in the comments, or send me a message.

I’ll also show you rooms and homes I love, including my home, and how to decorate a home from scratch, on a tight budget, using vintage finds.

My decorating rule is to forget decorating rules and keeping up with constantly changing trends. Buy what you love. Use it. Show it off. Don’t leave that vintage tea-set sitting in the cupboard, use it. It needs regular washing to stay in good condition anyway. Find a painting or piece of furniture you love and decorate around it. Yes, a vintage or painted table may get scratched or get a water ring if someone forgets a coaster... I like to call it ‘character’, and you can always sand it back and refinish or repaint it down the track. Unlike new chipboard furniture it really will last a lifetime, or two.

Let’s march to the beat of our own decorating drummers. Let’s buy and use what we love, not what’s ‘on trend.’ Let me help you make your life and your home as beautiful, and as ‘you’, as possible. And if you’d like me to showcase your home or your collection, just let me know!


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